Research Tips: How to Search a Site with No Search Box

This is the second in a series of three videos highlighting my favorite time-saving search tips. They are easy to master and will save you oodles of time on your web searches.

Searching a Single Domain (Website)

Very often, you’ll know the information you seek is housed on a particular website—but what do you do when that website doesn’t have a search box? With a little knowledge of how Google works, you can use Google to search within a single site only.

What you’ll see in the video is the single greatest search tip that I have ever learned. I use it multiple time each day. It will turn you into a Google-searching ninja.

Don’t see the video? Click here.

That syntax for your Google search is search terms

For example, if I wish to search this website for information on Mountain Lion, I would type the following into Google: Mountain Lion

If you love pulling information from the web as much as I do, I promise this will change your life. Any trouble? Want to tell us why you love this trick? Hit us up in the comments below!